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Recurring.co works by parsing the invoices you send and allocating them automatically.

When you create an account, an email address will be assigned to your company. It will look something like this:

[email protected]

This dedicated address is created when you set up your account, and you can always find it on your Sidebar, under the Settings menu.

You can also edit your alias if you need to.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to forward invoices?

There are essentially three ways in which we can help you manage your expenses:

a) by asking you to manually log them
b) connecting to your bank account

c) using your invoices and receipts

'A' was out of the question, of course (though we will allow you to log some manual payments).

'B' is what most of our competitors use, the problem is that integrating this would only be easy for US-based companies. It's also more information than we want to have: we don't believe a company should have access to your bank accounts unless it's absolutely necessary.

So with that, we end up with 'C'.

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